Steve Broderick

Steve Broderick

Sales and Business Development

Steve's role is to ensure that AEM meets client requirements and expectations around AEM's audio system products. He helps determine which product features are available and necessary to fulfill an aircraft's role and acts as a conduit between clients and AEM's engineering staff for design and build projects.

Steve's background is as an Electronic Technologist; he went straight from college into avionics, building tactical radios for Northern Airborne Technologies (NAT). He then moved into an engineering role, helping design aviation radio and audio controller software. When Northern Airborne Technology closed its doors, Steve was offered a Sales position with AEM; he gladly accepted and, for the past six years, has been mentored by Ray Lewis in the global arena of Avionics Sales. Steve's experience now spans over 20 years.

"Designing, qualifying, and manufacturing avionics equipment is no small feat. Having AEM’s equipment installed in special role helicopters at almost every helicopter manufacturer in the world is something that I’m proud of."

A genuine people person, Steve likes meeting people within the small world of special-role aircraft. He enjoys listening to clients and providing technical solutions. Steve also enjoys promoting the incredible talent at AEM—a collection of individuals driven to produce world-class avionics.

Steve stands by three critical values in his role with AEM: honesty, hard work, and empathy.