Product Announcement

CAN-TSO Approval for AEM's AWG08 Audio Warning Generator

AEM is pleased to announce the CAN-TSO-139a approval for their new generation AWG08 audio warning generator.

“This is a true milestone for AEM,” said the company’s R&D manager, Todd Blackstock.  “Besides being the first CAN-TSO received by AEM for one of our products, the AWG08 is also our first unique, new product that reestablishes us in the specialty audio products market,” Blackstock continued. “Our historical pedigree gave AEM significant experience in that market, and the AWG08 puts us back in the game.”

The advanced AWG08 audio warning generator is capable of providing up to eight separate tones or voice warnings—all field-programmable—and has two fully isolated audio outputs. The isolated inputs address limitations common to aircraft audio systems by allowing existing system-warning audio to be summed internally with the AWG08-generated warnings.

The AWG08 will be available through various sales channels, including Adams Aviation, EDMO, and EDMO Asia-Pacific. As the designer and manufacturer of the AWG08, AEM will be the technical and support contact for integrators and end-users.