Product Announcement

New Cabin PA Amplifier Receives CAN-TSO Approval

AEM is pleased to announce the CAN-TSO-139a approval of their newest cabin PA amplifier, the LSA100-100. Developed for the corporate aircraft market, the cabin PA amplifier is also suitable for small commuter aircraft, and helicopter transport applications such as those supporting the off-shore oil and gas markets.

“The LSA100 evolved from a special project we did with Lufthansa Technik,” said AEM’s R&D manager, Todd Blackstock. “We saw an opportunity beyond the Lufthansa project to create a new AEM product, and so decided to make an additional, up-front investment for the LSA100-100 to maximize the value of our design and development efforts.”

Easy to configure and install, the LSA100-100 can be used for new and re-fit applications. Our simple yet smart design interface includes beneficial features and capabilities that provide easy integration with the cockpit audio system, cabin briefer, in-flight entertainment system, and existing cabin speakers.

The LSA100-100 is available through AEM’s worldwide distributor and dealer network.

Learn more about this lightweight solution to cabin communication needs.