Refreshing a Trusted Brand

As the company shifts focus away from contract manufacturing toward bringing new products, solutions, and ideas to market, Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp.’s (AEM) decision to refresh their trusted brand was a natural progression. “We want to meet the needs, not only of single users but also of companies or OEMs who wish to use our technology on a larger scale,” says their director of sales and marketing, Tony Weller.

The company’s refreshed brand invites people to check out the full breadth of AEM’s capabilities.

Born from Northern Airborne Technology’s (NAT) decision to cease manufacturing operations in Canada, AEM as a company has long been seen as an extension of its parentage. “We served in a support role for NAT’s legacy audio products,” says general manager, Brian Wall. “Since then, we have successfully brought our own products to market while maintaining and supporting NAT’s legacy products. Essentially, we’ve grown up.”


A known and trusted entity for AEM-branded products.

As AEM continues to mature as an independent company, they’re looking to establish themselves as a known and trusted entity for AEM-branded products.

NAT’s signature snowflake logo was a badge of honour in the cockpit; people were proud to fly with their products and still are, 25 years later. AEM is well on its way to create a similar sense of excitement, pride, and ownership with their refreshed brand. “We want OEMs and pilots to be proud to have AEM’s logo in their cockpit—to have our mark represent the functionality, performance, quality, and support that stands behind our products and services,” says Weller.

“We take pride in bringing innovation to the forefront through products built to meet and exceed the demands of the aerospace sector,” adds Wall.


AEM’s fresh look also comes with new faces.

In early January, they welcomed Katelyn Meissner to their close-knit team. Katelyn’s role in distribution and business development will focus on key OEMs and customers in the European market. She brings to the table diverse knowledge and experience, as well as 15 years as an Avionics Maintenance Engineer working on many exciting and diverse projects, both nationally and internationally.


What can customers expect from AEM’s growth and leadership within their industry?

“Responsiveness,” says Weller. “Complete responses that result in action. Whether our customers are looking for a new product, support of an existing or legacy product, or the right information in a timely manner—we’re committed to doing what it takes to help our customers move their business forward.”