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Sikorsky Chooses AEM for Design and Manufacture Projects

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) has been selected by Sikorsky to support three design and manufacture projects for unique interface boxes needed by the OEM for upgrades on their commercial helicopters.

One project is build-to-print, another is an ‘enhanced’ build-to-print with AEM recommending ways to improve the product and its performance, and the third project was a full development, qualification, and manufacture effort based on Sikorsky’s technical specifications.

Before being awarded the three projects, AEM had to satisfy Sikorsky’s rigorous supplier qualification and audit requirements. “That was no small effort,” said Tony Weller, AEM’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Despite already being ISO9001/AS9100 registered, we also had to implement a number of other system-wide processes and procedures to satisfy Sikorsky’s requirements fully; this speaks highly of the team we have at AEM.”

Product deliveries have started on two of the three projects, with the qualification tests for the third project scheduled for completion by the end of February 2019.


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