Press Releases

Strategic Alliance with Structural Monitoring Systems (SMS)

KELOWNA, BC – AEM Corp is pleased to announce that it has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) and is well advanced in forming a full strategic relationship with Structural Monitoring Systems (ASX:“SMS” With the LOI and subsequent agreement AEM will become SMS’s exclusive manufacturer and it is planned that AEM’s existing production facility will be used to manufacture the entire line of CVM™ products, including prototypes and qualification builds. CVM™ technology and products offer a novel method for real-time monitoring of crack initiation and/or propagation. This product is capable of being integrated with other aircraft components to provide an in-flight structural health monitoring system (SHM).

The relationship will give SMS the ability to deliver its patented CVM™ technology suite of products from a fully certified manufacturing facility for the first time, allowing them to pursue product certification. SMS will be capable of producing all products in significantly greater volume, with demonstrably more efficient manufacturing cost and lead time, plus superior quality control through the procurement, design, manufacturing and delivery functions provided by AEM.

AEM will also provide space for SMS inventory and will set up the specialized processes required for the control and manufacture of the SMS sensors and leads. Further, AEM brings extensive knowledge of the aviation industry and will be able to support SMS with business development, customer contracted field support, training, installation of SMS products, and calibration/repair of SMS manufactured components.