Product Announcement

CAN-TSO Approval for AEM's AWG08 Audio Warning Generator

The approval is a symbolic milestone for AEM, reestablishing their position in the specialty audio products market. The company's historical pedigree gave them significant experience in the audio products market, and the AWG08 audio warning generator puts…


Leading by Design

AEM is far ahead of the competition in rotorcraft avionics, audio products, and loudspeaker systems. Ben Forrest tells the story of AEM's coming-of-age in his article for the Heli-Expo 2019 edition of Insight Magazine.

Press Releases

Bombardier Global 7500 Takes Flight with AEM’s LSA100 Cabin PA Amplifier

The Bombardier Aerospace G7500—one of the newest and most advanced corporate aircraft—is taking to the skies with AEM’s LSA100 cabin PA amplifier on board. Lufthansa Technik approached AEM to design, develop, and qualify the LSA100 for use in the…


Refreshing a Trusted Brand

AEM introduces a clean, rejuvenated look—one that reflects growth, evolution, and leadership within the aerospace industry. “We want to meet the needs, not only of single users but also of companies or OEMs who wish to use our technology on a larger…


NEW! 3-Year Warranty on all LS Series Products

AEM has announced that all their Loudspeaker (LS) System products will now carry an industry-first, 3-year warranty. It's a testament to the design and performance of AEM’s products and also provides the installer and user peace of mind when it comes to…


AEM Welcomes Dallas Avionics to Distributor Network

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Dallas Avionics, Inc. With the growth of AEM’s product line and expanding market opportunities, AEM determined that there was room to add to their…

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