Product Announcement

New Cabin PA Amplifier Receives CAN-TSO Approval

AEM’s LSA100-100 is now available through their worldwide network of distributors and dealers.

Press Releases

Sikorsky Chooses AEM for Design and Manufacture Projects

Having met Sikorsky’s supplier qualifications and audit requirements successfully, AEM has been selected by Sikorsky to support three design and manufacture projects.

Product Announcement

STC Count for LSS880 Loudspeaker System Continues to Increase

The FAA STC held by Airbus Helicopters, Inc. (AHI) is now validated in China, Europe, Canada, and Brazil.

Press Releases

First Internal PA System for Boeing's H-47 Series Helicopter

AEM's COTS amplifier and speaker set pass Boeing’s military standard tests (MIL-STD) as AEM collaborates with Boeing on the first internal PA system for the H-47 series helicopter.

Product Announcement

CAN-TSO Approval for AEM's AWG08 Audio Warning Generator

The approval is a symbolic milestone for AEM, reestablishing their position in the specialty audio products market. The company's historical pedigree gave them significant experience in the audio products market, and the AWG08 audio warning generator puts…


Leading by Design

AEM is far ahead of the competition in rotorcraft avionics, audio products, and loudspeaker systems. Ben Forrest tells the story of AEM's coming-of-age in his article for the Heli-Expo 2019 edition of Insight Magazine.

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