Safe, easy viewing from the centre of the instrument panel.

Designed for the Twin Otter 100-, 200-, and 300-Series aircraft, AEM’s compact, modern MCP03 brings together various caution/warning lights throughout the cockpit into a single, clean component. Supplied with all related dimming and test circuits, you can remove the Dimming Control Box for weight and maintenance savings.

All-new electronics, LED lighting, display technology, and an upgraded mechanical package give you excellent readability in sunlight. Our MCP03 is a smart, multi-functional component that you can use for custom applications and kits and is fully qualified to DO-160G.

MCP03 Features

  • Reduce downtime with reliable, redundant LED lighting
  • Replace and centralize existing annunciators
  • Expand capacity with replaceable, custom legends
  • Transport Canada STC SA17-78
  • FAA STC SA04033NY
Mechanical Specs
Height 1.25"
Width 1.60"
Length 12.89"
Weight 1.86 lb



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