Notable improvements over the existing OEM warning panel.

Designed specifically for the Falcon 50 aircraft, AEM's new generation Master Caution Panel features additional legends, decreased operating temperature, and significantly increased mean time between failures (MTBF).

Tested and qualified to DO-160G, our MCP50 features all new electronics, LED lighting and display technology, and a new mechanical design. It interfaces with and controls the two external Master Caution and Master Warning lights and related Reset switches, saving panel space and reducing the wiring and complexity of your legacy system.

MCP50 Features

  • New electronics package, LED display technology, and mechanical packaging
  • DO-160G Qualified
  • Improved optics
  • Additional legends
  • STC pending
Mechanical Specs
Height 2.88"
Width 7.00"
Length 4.96" (behind panel)
Weight 2.25 lb


Installation & Operation Manuals

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