Custom avionics built to satisfy the diverse functions of special-role aircraft.

AEM has offered small-scale production of custom avionics since inception, satisfying the unique needs of flight crew, specialists, and the diverse functions of special-role aircraft. Our company’s cumulative knowledge of aviation equipment, as well as avionics design and manufacture, makes us a proven resource for your avionics and electronics needs.

Aircraft house hundreds of systems fitted to perform specific functions. But what if you have a capability requirement that isn’t entirely met by an existing product or system AEM can help. Our derivative products are tailor-made to your unique operational requirements, providing you with a custom solution built to perform under the toughest conditions.

For companies lacking the capacity, personnel, equipment, or certification to manufacture aviation electronics, AEM’s build-to-print services provide an affordable, high-quality solution. Our contract manufacturing services meet the needs of companies with a changing business model, unique challenges of low-volume, high-mix product configurations, or those wanting to reduce manufacturing overhead.

Our greatest strength is our ability to adapt to our customer’s needs and to deliver the highest levels of quality, reliability, and service.

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