Maintaining and operating a manufacturing facility is expensive, not to mention the high cost of sourcing, procuring, and managing a parts inventory.  AEM’s build-to-print services alleviate these issues, providing an affordable, high-quality solution to your contract manufacturing needs.

We’ll build to your exact specifications.

AEM will produce products, equipment, or assemblies according to your exact specifications. Our team delivers the highest levels of workmanship, reliability, and service meeting the needs of:

  • Companies with a fully-developed product who want to reduce manufacturing overhead
  • Companies with unique challenges of low-volume, high-mix product configurations
  • Established companies with a changing business model
  • Companies lacking the capacity, personnel, equipment, or certification to manufacturing

What can you expect from AEM’s build-to-print process?

We provide full traceability on all parts—validation that we build projects to your exact standards and requirements. AEM’s certification to ISO9001/AS9100 and Transport Canada approval shows our commitment to manufacturing a top-quality end product. Our team and manufacturing systems provide full transparency throughout each stage of the build process.

What sets AEM’s electronics manufacturing services apart?

AEM offers the unique service of buying and storing parts on-site, alleviating your company of high inventory costs. We also work with smaller jobs and short lead times, reducing as many burdens associated with electronics manufacturing as possible.

Quality products, on-time delivery, and support are key to our success. Get in touch to learn more.