Your solution for clear air-to-ground and air-to-sea communication.

AEM's 700-watt Public Address and Siren System effectively compensates for the high levels of noise and rotor wash, common in medium and large helicopters.

Our PA700 series amplifier is rugged and powerful; we enhanced its reliability with a conservative design and unique, built-in protective circuits that shut the amplifier off if excessive input or operating conditions threaten to impair vital circuit elements.

Comprehensible speech is attainable up to 1000 vertical feet when using properly selected and installed speakers.


  • Front-mount auxiliary input allows message transmission from an MP3 player or smartphone
  • Convenient onboard digital storage for fast recording and playback
  • Solid-state unit contained in a durable, black anodized aluminum chassis
  • Enhanced reliability with built-in protective circuits
  • Field-replaceable driver assemblies and mechanical parts 
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TS92-06xx Bell Array Speakers
PA700 Series Power Amplifier
LSC22 Loudspeaker Controller
AA21-4xx Series Controller
brochure-image_700W-PA_TS92-06xx crop.jpg
Controller Mechanical Specs
Height 1.11"
Width 5.74"
Length 6.32"
Weight 1.3 lb
Amplifier Mechanical Specs
Height 5.78" incl. connectors
Width 8.75"
Length 10.00"
Weight 9.9 lb
Speaker Specs
Please refer to the TS9x Series Installation & Operation Manual

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