An optimized audio signal with over 1320W of effective, peak audio output power.

AEM's LSS1320 loudspeaker system delivers fantastic sound quality and power output in a smaller, less expensive package than comparable systems on the market today. We designed and qualified the LSS1320 system to meet the operational roles of both current and future medium, super medium, and heavy helicopters including the AW139, AW189, EC175, S-92, EC225, and UH-60.

Our TS95-16DS six-bell, high-power speaker, stemmed from the same mechanical configuration as our TS9x series speakers, enabling you to install it into existing installations with—typically—minor mechanical modifications to the aircraft speaker mount.


  • Front-mount auxiliary input allows message transmission from an MP3 player or smartphone
  • Convenient onboard digital storage for fast recording and playback
  • Processes and optimizes the audio signal for the best audio output
  • 1320W+ of effective, peak audio output power
  • DO-160G and DO-214 qualified
  • Optional NVIS-compliant lighting 
  • Optional MIL-STD Speaker Connectors
LSC22 Loudspeaker Controller
LSA800 Loudspeaker Amplifier
TS95-16DS Loudspeaker for LSS1320-139
Controller Mechanical Specs
Height 1.11"
Width 5.74"
Length 6.32"
Weight 1.30 lb
LS600 Mechanical Specs
Height 10.30"
Width 13.20"
Length 12.80"
Weight 28.00 lb (each)
Amplifier Mechanical Specs
Height 5.51"
Width 3.74"
Length 9.86"
Weight 6.30 lb (max)
LS300 Mechanical Specs
Height 10.30"
Width 6.60"
Length 12.80"
Weight 15.00 lb
Speaker Specs
Please refer to the TS95D Series Installation & Operation Manual  

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If you have a capability requirement that isn’t met by an existing system, AEM is open to new opportunities that meet the demands of both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. We work with flight crew, integrators, and OEMs to deliver solutions for today’s avionics market.

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