Loudspeaker Controller


Functionality and flexibility for airborne loudspeaker systems.

AEM’s industry-leading LSC22 is the most advanced controller available. We qualified it to DO-160G and DO-214 to assist with integration and designed it for pin-for-pin replacement of the AA21, eliminating the need to change wiring harnesses.

Our LSC22 is compatible with both legacy AEM and NAT public address equipment, as well as our new LSA series product line; it also provides wail and yelp siren types which can be customized to suit specific operational requirements.



  • DO-160G
  • DO-214
  • STC’d

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  • Integrates easily with the aircraft audio system
  • Front panel AUX input jack
  • On-the-fly message recording and playback
  • 25-watt internal speaker amp
  • Front-mount AUX input enables broadcasting of recorded messages from an MP3 player or smartphone
  • Optional NVIS-compliant lighting

Mechanical Specifications

Height 1.11″
Width 5.77″
Length 6.32″
Weight 1.30 lbs MAX

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