Loudspeaker System


The system of choice for law enforcement and SAR helicopter operators worldwide.

AEM’s next-generation loudspeaker systems are a family of redesigned Loudspeakers (LS), Loudspeaker Amplifiers (LSA), and Loudspeaker Controllers (LSC) delivering fantastic sound quality and power output in a lighter, smaller, and less expensive package than comparable systems on the market today.

We designed and qualified the LSS880 system to meet the operational roles of both current and future medium- and super-medium helicopters. The LSS880 delivers 880W of effective peak audio output power and has become the system of choice for many law enforcement and SAR helicopter operators worldwide.

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  • Front-mount auxiliary input allows message transmission from an MP3 player or smartphone
  • Convenient onboard digital storage for fast recording and playback
  • Processes and optimizes the audio signal for the best audio output
  • Over 880W of effective, peak audio output power
  • DO-160G and DO-214 qualified
  • Optional NVIS-compliant lighting
  • Optional MIL-STD Speaker Connectors

Mechanical Specifications

Speaker Mechanical Specs
Height 10.3″
Width 13.2″
Length 12.8″
Weight 28.0 lbs each
Controller Mechanical Specs
Height 1.11″
Width 5.74″
Length 6.32″
Weight 1.30 lbs
Amplifier Mechanical Specs
Height 5.45″
Width 2.04″
Length 9.8″
Weight 3.70 lbs MAX

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