Remote Transmit Selector


Toggle TX Select without letting go of flight controls.

A helicopter cockpit is a busy place, especially when missions demand full attention. Releasing flight controls to change your audio panel's transmit select switch can compromise focus and impact safety. AEM’s remote transmit selector unit addresses this problem, enabling pilots to conveniently toggle the TX Select to their desired communication radio without letting go of flight controls.

Our RTS01 also acts as an expansion panel and RX Activity indicator, increasing the capability and capacity of the ‘host’ aircraft audio system.

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  • Snap-in legends
  • NVIS lighting option
  • DO-160F qualified
  • Supports up to seven transmitters
  • Hands-free operation

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical Specs
Height 0.75″
Width 5.75″
Length 4.56″ (excluding mating connectors)
Weight 0.8 lbs

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