Rugged remote-mount radio solution

The Mission Transceiver Remote is the radio of choice for special-role and multi-mission platforms alike. Designed with the operator in mind, the MTR138-000GNW is a suitable replacement for legacy VHF NTX-series radios with the ability to integrate with glass cockpit applications.

The MTR138-000GNW features an agile 10W main transceiver and a synthesized guard receiver, and was developed in consultation with emergency response agencies and aircraft manufacturers to produce a versatile and reliable special-mission radio.

image source/image credit: anthony pecchi on mhm publishing


  • A narrowband/wideband remote-mount transceiver
  • 138-174 MHz FM VHF transceiver with 128 channels, including 2 programmable guard receiver channels
  • Synthesized guard receiver
  • High (10W) & Low (1W) output power
  • 12.5kHz/25kHz channel bandwidths, selectable per channel
  • Scanning modes (List, Priority, and List+Priority)
  • Transceiver control handled through an RS-422 interface bus and discrete signals
  • Provides sub-audible signaling, (CTCSS/CDCSS) capability, with standard and extended tone encoding and decoding
  • Tested to TIA-603-E
  • DO-160G qualified
Mechanical Specs
Height 4.80"
Width 2.30"
Length 10.35"
Weight 4.30 lb (max)



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