An easily-configured solution for new and re-fit applications.

AEM's LSA100-100 cabin PA amplifier is a small, lightweight solution to your cabin communication needs. Easily configure cabin zones with six 20W outputs, each isolated and protected, featuring on/off control and status. Our Class D speaker amplifier outputs are low noise and high efficiency. Programmable tones and chimes make the LSA100-100 a versatile solution for specific customer cabin PA applications.

The LSA100-100 amplifier is fully qualified to DO-160G and DO-214A and is certified to CAN-TSO-C139a requirements.

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LSA100-100 Features

  • Easy to configure and install
  • Designed for new and retro-fit applications
  • Integrates with cockpit audio system, cabin briefer, in-flight entertainment, and existing cabin speakers
  • Low-noise and high-efficiency Class D outputs
  • Qualified to DO-160G and DO-214A
  • CAN-TSO-C139a 
Mechanical Specs
Height 5.46"
Width 2.05" (at base)
Length 9.80"
Weight 2.00 lb



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