Need help troubleshooting or configuring an AEM or NAT product?

AEM’s dedicated troubleshooting, repair, and refurbishment services complement our product lines and provide you with timely, dependable solutions to your configuration and installation needs.

Our repair department is ready to help you with: 

  • Interface issues
  • Existing installations
  • Proper equipment operation
  • Wiring modifications

We are also the primary repair facility for SKYTRAC system hardware.

AEM’s support and repair department provides customers with the most accurate, detailed instructions and drawings that they can. If there’s anything we can do to help you complete your tasks successfully, we'll do it. Our team has extensive years of avionics expertise; and will provide solutions that will get you off the ground and into the air.

Pick up the phone or send us an email; we’re usually able to get documents, schematics, and solutions to you right away. 

Need advice on which AEM product to purchase? Have questions regarding product operation? We can help with that, too! Also, check out our FAQ page for quick answers to common repair questions.


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