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Electronic Assembly and Test

Assembly Process

The main goal of AEM is to produce a world class product that exceeds customers requirements and to do so in a timely fashion.

For many of our electronic assemblies the process begins at a surface mount stage that involves a team of people that install everything from 0603 package size to large BGA and FPGAs. Using two high speed Assembleon placement machines we are able to accurately place up to 36000 parts per hour, on either side of a PCB.

The next few stages involve such things as installation of all thru-hole parts which go through a wave soldering process, special modifications and customizations, secondary assembly and an initial testing. Sub assemblies are post coated and boxed up. All units go through an environmental strain and then get a second test. Every stage involves a peer inspection from knowledgeable co-workers, and every major step requires an inspection from a trained QA inspector to ensure the highest quality product before being released to the customer.

Quality Assurance

Quality products, including on time delivery, are key to our success.  Our Certification to ISO9001 and the Aerospace Standard AS9100 shows our commitment to these goals.


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The employees within the electronics department at AEM are certified IPC specialists trained in J-Standard-001. All products are built to class 2 specifications. All the electronic technicians have completed a diploma program at a certified college or university and are familiar with schematics, testing procedures, and various equipment associated. AEM is able to produce everything internally except the raw PCB itself. Within AEM there is knowledge of surface mount, electronics and schematics, metalwork fabrication, faceplates, and repair.

Surface Mount Equipment

AEM has state of the art equipment. Watch the video below of one of our Surface Mount Machines in motion!:

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