Wednesday, 14/11/2018 | 6:21 PST

Credit Application and Online Payments

Application for Credit   Credit Application

The AEM Credit Application is available in a GREEN PDF format!

  1. Please fill in the document *electronically,
  2. Save (for your own records) and
  3. Email to: Sales @ (without the spaces)

Digital By Choice

*If you do not have the ability to use electronic signatures, you must print the document to sign it and either scan & email or fax to us.


Online Payments

Now Pay Your Invoices ONLINE!

Enter your invoice amount in the corresponding currencyIn order to satisfy our customers’ requests to make payments via credit card, we have set up the option to use PayPal for online payments. Please note that any online payments are subject to a 4% handling* fee(this is not a shipping charge).

Please enter the amount of your payment below – note the corresponding currency is on the bottom of your invoice.

Enter CANADIAN Amount Here

Enter USD Amount Here

* as indicated on PayPal’s payment page as ‘shipping & handling’ please note this does not reflect any product shipping fees as those will be indicated on your invoice/order confirmation and included in your invoice/order confirmation total as required.


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