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Custom Faceplates and Display Panels

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AEM Corp. provides a diversified range of integrated information display products throughout the avionics and transportation markets, supplying direct to major original equipment manufacturers throughout the world.

***NOTE: Repaired panels/faceplates can be released with TC Form One(FAA8130 equivalent) as applicable. For more information on faceplate repairs visit our faceplate repair page.


AEM understands that cost reduction begins at the design stage. Component placement and design rule input are critical at the inception of a new project. To achieve the most efficient design, we encourage our customers to conduct design reviews with our engineering team before initial production.

We offer full engineering support throughout the development process in an effort to optimize the design and ensure the success of the programs.

For fast and accurate transfer of all engineering designs into production, AEM Corp. has implemented an integrated CAD/CAM system linked to both the in-house machining operation as well as the laser etching process.


  • Illuminated Display Panels
  • Aluminum Instrument Panels
  • Night Vision Control Panels
  • Circuit Breaker Panels
  • Keyboards
  • Bezels


  • NVIS Green A
  • NVIS Green B
  • Blue White
  • IPL-Red
  • IPL-White
  • Aviation Yellow
  • Aviation White
  • Aviation Red

 Faceplate Manufacturing

AEM Corp wants to be your choice for high reliability integrated lighting display panels, keyboards, and bezels. Our lighting solutions utilize incandescent and LED for both standard and night-vision applications. We manufacture to the strict specifications of SAE AS7788 and MIL-STD-3009. In addition to our lighting products, AEM Corp also offers full turn key solutions for back assemblies and mechanical sub-assemblies to many commercial markets.


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