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Faceplate Repair Service

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AEM Corp is a Transport Canada and EASA Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO), and also offers avionics refurbishing and repair service. Send us your tired faceplates for clean-up, repair or modifications. Our experienced team will provide a quick turn-around to minimize your overall maintenance process.

Repair, Modify, Refurbish

The team at AEM will bring your display panels to a better than new condition, while raising the safety of cockpit operation. Whether your panel(s) needs a complete overhaul of lighting, paint, and engraving or a technical electronic modification, we work with each customer on their own unique requests.

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Repaired panels/faceplates can be released with TC Form One (FAA8130 equivalent) as applicable.

To request an RMA please e-mail AEM Product Support Team here

Before / After Images (click to enlarge)

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