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Dealer Specific Questions

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Please fill out a Dealer Application online CLICK HERE.
Yes. To ensure continued sales and support for the products, and to minimize the administrative effort for our customers, we initiated a process to ‘adopt’ NAT’s Dealer and Distribution network. If you were a Dealer for NAT, then you have been adopted for the A2 Category (PA Systems) of equipment as you were approved for by NAT (no need to re-qualify!) and the procurement path remains the same. For all of the other Categories, you will still be NAT Dealers through Cobham Aerospace (CAC). All Products can still be purchased through EDMO distributors, as before.

We would ask that you log into AEM CONNECT to ensure we have current and correct information for you and your company.

Please go to the AEM CONNECT Login Page CLICK HERE. Enter your email address and password to log in. If you do not have your password, use the “Get My Password” link, enter your email address and your password will be emailed to you within minutes!

If your email address has changed, or your email address is not found in our system, please contact AEM directly for assistance.

Note: Past NAT (Northern Airborne Technology) Dealers have been automatically added to our system as AEM “Approved Dealers”. Please use the email address previously used with NAT e-communications to “Get Your Password”… if your email address has changed, or your email address is not found in our system, please contact AEM directly for assistance.

You can check which categories you are already approved for by logging into AEM Connect and clicking the categories tab to view your company’s approval status. You can apply for any category you would like to add to your approvals through AEM Connect‘s category tab as well.

Yes, AEM CONNECT is set up for each Company to have multiple users. There is one (1) PRIMARY user and as many SECONDARY users as you require (sales reps, purchasing staff, etc). The primary user will be the only user able to edit your company’s profile or add additional users. No user’s information will be publicly posted; all user information is protected and strictly accessible by AEM staff and your own company’s users.

AEM also provides a diversified range of illuminated panel and integrated information display products (NVIS Capability) and services (per SAE AS7788 and MIL-STD-3009) to the aerospace and transportation markets, for both new and repair/overhaul applications. AEM offers this service and product line to our Dealers as well, with no additional qualification process required. Keep in mind that we are specialists in small run projects and we offer very competitive prices and quick turn times. Being vertically integrated allows AEM to compete effectively in this market while providing maximum oversight on quality and delivery commitments. Give us a call to discuss your project, no matter how big or small.

We also have an Engineering department (Research and Development) offering derivative product solutions in much the same way as NAT used to. Additionally we have new products as well as more in the future. We invite you to share your product ideas and needs with us so we can help you get your product to market with proven quality workmanship and efficiently.

We have posted PDF no charge copies of the Installation and Operation manuals on our website for all of our product line, offering them in the same manner as NAT used to. The full service manuals are available online for immediate purchase to qualified Dealers by logging into AEM Connect and selecting your purchases there.

The Service Manual Package would include the Install/Ops Manual, Maintenance Manual and Bulletins.

Please refer to the Publications Index CLICK HERE (PDF) to verify the Rev version of your service manuals, to ensure you have the latest Revision.

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