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Order Specific Questions

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Order Specific Questions

You can check which categories you are already approved for by logging into AEM Connect and clicking the categories tab to view your company’s approval status. You would then compare that/those categories to our product list to find out what category a product falls under. You can apply for any category you would like to add to your approvals through AEM Connect‘s category tab as well.

We are expanding our distribution network to include a greater international presence, and will be encouraging our Dealers to consider using their ‘local’ distributor for your AEM product needs, which will in essence provide savings on shipping costs and get products to you quicker. We will also be working with our Distributors to improve and increase the on-hand inventory that is in regular demand in specific territories and regions. Please see the online map showing you the Distributor in your area.

**Please note: all piece part and Service Manual requests will need to be placed directly with AEM.

If you are in the United States you are required to order through the EDMO Distributors. For all other locations you are “encouraged” to go through the Distributor in your area but it is not mandatory.
Currently we do not have a published piece part catalogue, however if the piece part that you are requiring is for any of the products licensed to AEM, we will be able to support your request. For a complete listing of our current products, CLICK HERE
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