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Service and Support Questions

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  • AEM PRODUCT – All repair services for the AEM products can be provided directly by our Kelowna facility. AEM will be the company you will be dealing with.
  • OTHER PRODUCTS – Please check the AEM repair capability list to identify if your product can be serviced by AEM.
  • If you have an NAT product that is not on our capability list, then please contact Cobham Avionics in Prescott, AZ for instructions repairs@cobham.com ,  928-708-1531

Contact Product Support at 250-763-1088 ext 2 to see if we have a loaner unit available.

An RMA number is not mandatory to send an AEM product to us for repair, however requesting a RMA up front can save time later. An RMA number for AEM products can be obtained by contacting Product Support at 250-763-1088 ext 2.

For Cobham Products an RMA number can be obtained by contacting:  cac-rma.cobhamna.com/ , 928-708-1531.

If you are already a customer with AEM:

  1. Company name
  2. Part number and Serial number
  3. Reported fault or reason for the return
  4. Contact name and email address or fax number

If you have not dealt with AEM before additional information will be requested to enable us to start an account for you.

For AEM Products send repairs to the following address:

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp.
#15-1925 Kirschner Road
Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1Y 4N7

If you are shipping from the US, please remember to use an International waybill and include the necessary Customs documents.

For NAT Products not on our Capability list, please contact Cobham at cac.repairs@cobham.com  928-708-1531.

Contact Product Support to help you find a solution to your problem. 250-763-1088 ext 2

AEM will continue to work closely with CAC to provide the manufacturing, engineering services and product support (including integration, installation and repair) of legacy NAT and dB Systems products.

Please contact our Repair Department at 250-763-1088 ext 8.

If Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing is not already on your Approved Vendor List, you may contact our Quality Assurance department at:  qa@aem-corp.com   250-763-1088 ext 312

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