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Install and Operation Manuals

MCP Product Software

MCP-DAS 317 KB MCP Data Aquisition Software (Executable Zip)

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Please refer to the for information on revisions and latest version of the Service Manuals and Install & Operation Manuals.

For all Cobham products listed below, please CLICK HERE for the Installation & Operations manuals.

   Part # File Size Description
Cobham 210 621 KB Voice Activated Switch
Cobham AA12S 668 KB AA12S Series Compact Audio Controller
Cobham AA23 575 KB AA23 Speaker Amplifiers
Cobham AA24/AA25 1.03 MB AA24/AA25 Audio Controller
Cobham AA30-0xx 461 KB AA30-0xx Expansion Switches
Cobham AA31 510 KB AA31 Series ICS Mode Controller
Cobham AA34-200 313 KB AA34-200 Universal Radio Interface
Cobham AA35 384 KB AA35 Series Audio Mixer Panel
Cobham AA36-002 (-ECF) 547 KB AA36-002 (-ECF) Tie Line Adapter
Cobham AA36-100 910 KB AA36-100 Digital ICS Tie Line Adapter
Cobham AA37 461 KB AA37 Series Alerting Systems
Cobham AA38-5xx
1.35 MB AA38-5xx/-6xx/-7xx Series Local ICS Loop
Cobham AA39 629 KB AA39 Series Headset Adapters
Cobham AA80 800KB AA80 InterVOX™ Intercom Systems
Cobham AA82 915 KB AA82 Series InterMUSIC™ Stereo Intercom System
Cobham AA83-001 429 KB AA83-001 InterMUSIC™ Stereo Intercom
Cobham AA83-001 1.2 MB AA83-001 InterMUSIC™ Stereo Intercom
(for s/n 2939 and up)
Cobham AA83-100 696 KB AA83-100 InterMUSIC™ Stereo Intercom
Cobham AA95-766 526 KB AA95-766 Single Channel Audio Controller
Cobham AA9x 1.78 MB AA9x Series Single Channel Audio Controller
Cobham AMS42 AMS44 1.57 MB AMS42/44 Series Dual Channel Audio Controllers
Cobham AMS43 971 KB AMS43 Single Channel Audio Controller
Cobham CC250 CC450 1.18 MB CC250/450 FM Communications Controllers
Cobham JB37-403
346 KB Junction Boxes
Cobham LD12-001 441 KB LD12 Lamp Dimmer
Cobham LD12-002 336 KB LD12-002 LED Dimmer
Cobham MB01-001 784 KB MB01-001 Matching Box
Cobham N300-001
1.72 MB N300-001/N300-002 Audio Controller
Cobham N300-003
1.73 MB N300-003/N300-004 Audio Controller
Cobham N335 2.6 MB N335 Series Dual User Audio Controller
Cobham NTA01-001 482 KB NTA01-001 Astro Radio Adapter
Cobham NTX 504 KB NTX VHF-FM Series Remote Mount Transceivers
Cobham NTX403 452 KB NTX403 Re
Cobham RA 730 KB RA Series Remote Attenuators
Cobham RS16 435 KB RS16 Remote Switch
Cobham THxxx 2.55 MB Tac/Com™ Series Control Head
Cobham UT12-000 555 KB UT12-000 Universal Tone Encoder/Decoder
Cobham VR28-013 387 KB VR28-013 Voltage Regulator (up to s/n 1220)
Cobham VR28-013 275 KB VR28-013 Power Converter (s/n 1221 & up)


updated March 2, 2015 (AEM is not responsible for updating Cobham files or this index)

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