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Warranty, Terms and Conditions

Standard Warranty

AEM shall warrant all products in accordance with the product warranty statement (see Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale).

AEM equipment must be duly registered for warranty by submitting a properly completed online Warranty Registration form by the authorized installation agency.

The Dealer shall cooperate and assist AEM in warranty administration. Warranty is void unless the product is installed by a qualified AEM Dealer.

Sale/Purchase Terms and Conditions


Extended Warrantyextended

The Extended Product Warranty lengthens AEM Corp’s industry leading, no-nonsense Standard Product Warranty for an additional TWO (2) years from the original standard warranty expiration date. The Extended Warranty covers avionics product repair, rebuild, or replacement.

Extended Product Warranty is priced as follows:

  • TWO (2) Year Extended Warranty:
    15% of purchase price

Labour costs associated with the removal and replacement of the product are not covered under the Extended Product Warranty program.

To be eligible:

  1. The product must have been purchased from an authorized dealer.
  2. The original standard product warranty must not have expired.
  3. Product value must be greater than $700.00

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