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Introduction to AEM

For over 10 years, Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) has provided customer-driven solutions to the aviation industry with the design, development, and manufacture of avionics products. We are an approved OEM supplier of aircraft components to several Western helicopter OEMs such as Bell, Boeing, Leonardo, Airbus Helicopters, and Sikorsky. We also provide contract electronics manufacturing to Cobham Aerospace Connectivity, SkyTrac, Rogerson Kratos, and many others. With over 500 dealers worldwide providing sales, service, and installation, our products are conveniently available to you.

AEM is a direct descendant of Northern Airborne Technology (NAT). We take pride in our origin and continue to grow as an industry leader with skill, experience, and capability.


Digital audio systems, loudspeaker systems, caution/warning panels, audio, and more.

Design & Build

Turn designs into prototypes and sellable products — AEM can help.


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Digital Audio System

Smallest, lightest and most capable Digital Audio System available today.


Avionics Switch Consoles

Lightweight, yet rugged cockpit upgrade for Airborne Law Enforcement and Utility Operators for the Airbus AS350 aircraft.


LSC22 Loudspeaker Controller

Delivering the features and performance demanded by today’s special-role aircraft operators.

Aircraft Cabin PA Amplifier

LSA100 Loudspeaker Amplifier

Easily configurable with cockpit audio, in-flight entertainment system, and more!

ISO_no_background.png (AWG08)

AWG08 Audio Warning Generator

Valuable customer feedback led to new features on this product, making the AWG08 a genuinely customizable solution for OEMs, technicians, and pilots alike.

Quality exists in the undercurrent of everything that we do. From needs assessment, R&D, testing, implementation, and manufacturing, our purpose is to create products and systems that technicians can install, set, and forget.
Todd Blackstock / Research and Development
When we spec’d our two PA systems from AEM, we knew it was going to be loud. But wow! — it is FRICKIN' LOUD! We needed an airborne PA system that could overcome the rotor wash and engine noise of the 412 in loud environments to get people’s attention, and they need to understand us. That is definitely what this system provides.
David Tolson, former Sergeant United States Park Police, Aviation Section
It was a pleasure working with Tom in Support throughout a recent project. We had a couple of very complex issues and, not only was Tom readily available, he was thorough and went above and beyond to solve our installation issues.
Sean W. / Peachtree City, GA

Recent News


AEM launches new Mission Transceiver Remote radio

AEM launches new MTR138-000GNW remote-mount radio for special-role and multi-mission platforms alike.

Press Releases

AEM Announces New QA Manager, Monty McEwen

AEM announces Monty McEwen as Quality Assurance Manager at its Canadian headquarters in Kelowna, BC.

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