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For 25 years, AEM has led the avionics industry in design, development, and manufacture of communications and safety systems. We are an approved aircraft supplier to OEMs such as Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopters, and Sikorsky and a contract manufacturer for Cobham, SkyTrac, Rogerson Kratos, and many others.

AEM is a direct descendant of Northern Airborne Technology (NAT). We take pride in our origin and continue to grow as an industry leader with skill, experience, and capability.

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Over 700 dealers worldwide.

AEM’s products and avionics systems are conveniently available. With over 700 dealers worldwide, it’s easy to connect with someone who will provide you with expert sales, service, and installation advice.

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Don't miss out!

The aviation and avionics industries are small but strong. We may be niche, but we have a lot going on—don’t miss out! Stay on top of industry news, AEM company updates, and product release details.

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A team of combined skills, experience, and capabilities.

AEM is a professional family, made up of people with exceptional combined skills, experience, and capabilities. Many members of the AEM family worked for Northern Airborne Technology (NAT)—some since the mid-‘80s when NAT moved from Prince George to Kelowna! Sadly, we couldn’t fit each member of our 90-ish strong team on our website, but we’re happy to introduce you to the men and women at our helm.

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Work with us!

AEM is a supportive, professional family with a culture of commitment and follow-through. Every role and position are vital to AEM’s success. We’re a leader in the avionics industry because of our people and their dedication to teamwork and continuous improvement.

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