Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis

VP Business Development

Ray has the pleasure of representing AEM to its worldwide customer base as he develops new market, product, partnership, and technology opportunities. Ray works closely with the Sales & Marketing and Research & Development teams as he finds needs in the marketplace that offer opportunities for AEM to develop core IP.

"One of my goals is to ensure our design teams fully understand what the customer wants from the product -- how it works, what it needs to do, etc. This is not an easy task but is critical to the customer's acceptance and ‘love’ of AEM's product."

Ray's background and training were as an Electronics Technologist before he leapt into the avionics industry with Northern Airborne Technolgy (NAT) over 35 years ago. His commitment to diverse training courses equipped him with the skills needed in his various roles at NAT, AEM, and elsewhere.

Ray enjoys being involved with his community and believes everyone should do something to 'give back.' He's a Rotarian, volunteers gardening time at Hospice House, and is on the executive committee for his neighbourhood association. Both he and his wife are also involved with the Adopt-A-Stream program in Kelowna. Ray considers AEM his 'other family,' full of caring and committed people; he values the company's atmosphere, its 'can do' attitude, and commitment to customer support. He's inspired by those that want to bring about positive change, regardless of where that change occurs.