Protect your aircraft wiring and associated systems.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) can create degraded—and sometimes erroneous—operation of aircraft systems; this is especially true of digital systems commonly found in modern aircraft. Proper selection and use of shielded wires and cables in the aircraft offer protection from EMI and RFI, but only if the shields are properly terminated. AEM can help solve these problems with our ME Series EMI-shielded connector hoods. 

Credit: Staff Sgt. Joshua Garcia, U.S. Air Force


  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Slide lock feature
  • Available with or without connector and contacts
  • 8 internal grounding locations
  • Conductive, conversion coating finish
  • Split-shell design for ease of access

Connector options are available from 15-62 pins. See our product brochure for the full list of mechanical specifications.

ME Series Connector Hood

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