A straight-forward cockpit upgrade for the B212, AB212, and Legacy B412 series helicopters.

Grounded again by an out-of-date caution/warning panel? For the equivalent cost of a few hours of lost flying revenue, AEM’s MCP01 will keep you in the air and earning! Use of existing wiring and connections for drop-in replacement of your OEM unit makes the MCP01 a straight-forward upgrade to your cockpit.

Our MCP01 features high-reliability LED lighting, reduced weight, an optional integrated event recorder, and is tested and qualified to DO-160G. Refer to our product brochure for the complete list of certifications.

John Olafson

MCP01 Features

  • High-reliability, redundant LED lighting (NVIS optional)
  • Optional custom legends available
  • Significantly lighter than the current 5 lb unit
  • 75% less current draw
  • Integrated event recorder (optional)
  • Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate #SH14-43
  • FAA Supplemental Type Certificate #SR035ONY
  • EASA Supplemental Type Certificate #100577794
Mechanical Specs
Height 6.75"
Width 5.75"
Length 1.44" (behind panel)
Weight 1.75 lb



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