Loudspeaker and PA systems that satisfy your operational demands.

Demanding environments and missions call for clear, effective communication. From light-weight systems suited to small turbine helicopters to robust systems capable of over 1760W of effective, peak audio output power—our loudhailer systems have your broadcasting needs covered. 

Product Benefits


Meets or exceeds exacting environmental and performance standards.


Designed and manufactured with the pilot and integrator in mind.


Designed and built to perform under the toughest conditions.


Dedicated troubleshooting, repair, and refurbishment services.

Take a look at our most popular loudspeaker system products!


Loudspeaker Controller

The LSC22 series is the latest controller for AEM’s loudspeaker systems, delivering the features and performance demanded by today’s special-role aircraft operators. Eliminate cockpit noise by utilizing the front-mount auxiliary input to broadcast recorded messages from an MP3 player or smartphone—no more interference from live-mic broadcasting! Convenient onboard digital storage means fast recording and playback of your messages, and a supplied radio input allows for radio rebroadcast operation. Configurable siren audio and an integrated 25W cabin PA amplifier round out the features of the LSC22. The LSC22 Series Controllers are available with optional NVIS lighting and can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

LSC22 Loudspeaker Controller


Loudspeaker Amplifier

Our latest loudspeaker amplifier incorporates new-generation parts and automated electronic assembly, allowing for a reasonable price point that translates into reduced costs to the end-user. Compared to its predecessor, this light-weight amplifier processes and optimizes the audio signal to deliver the best output while consuming less DC power. AEM’s incorporation of a ‘smart power supply’ modifies the amplifier output to meet the output load demand. Our high-end ‘Class D’ product is DO-160G and DO-214 qualified and is certified on several aircraft.

LSA400 Loudspeaker Amplifier



AEM’s LS600 loudspeakers provide optimal conversion of electrical power (watts) to sound pressure (SPL) due to the use of powerful speaker drivers and a new, robust mechanical design. The new speaker provides amplified sound power output from a smaller mechanical footprint and is DO-160G qualified. A certified speaker mounting bracket is available to simplify the mechanical installation effort.

New Product Requests

If you have a capability requirement that isn’t met by an existing system, AEM is open to new opportunities that meet the demands of both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. We work with flight crew, integrators, and OEMs to deliver solutions for today’s avionics market.

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