Ray Lewis Retires after 39 Years

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Ray Lewis has retired as VP of Business Development for Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) following a nearly four-decade career supporting the aerospace industry.

Lewis’ career in aerospace began in 1981 with Northern Airborne Technology Ltd (NAT) in Prince George. He left NAT for a few years, then rejoined the company after their move to Kelowna in 1990. He thrived in many capacities at NAT including product support, systems integration, quality assurance and operations before formally taking on a sales and business development role in 1996. The 1990s and early 2000s represented a significant time of growth and change for NAT (and Lewis), as it transitioned to new ownership and new market opportunities and challenges under the Chelton Avionics and Cobham brands.

The last 10 years of his career were devoted to the growth of Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) as Vice President Business Development and partner/co-owner, where he was instrumental in solidifying AEM as a trusted supplier to a growing customer base of OEMs, MROs and fleet operators.

Lewis’ hard work has set AEM up for continued success, and Tony Weller, Director of Sales & Marketing, recognizes the value of these efforts. “Ray Lewis has contributed greatly, not only to AEM, but to the aerospace community as a whole” noted Weller, “He will be remembered for his selfless donation of time and knowledge to both industry peers and coworkers and his legacy will live on in the quality products and services AEM continues to provide.”

With Lewis’ departure, Weller now leads the Sales and Marketing department at AEM and can be contacted at