No more interference from live-mic broadcasting!

The LSC22 series is the latest controller for AEM’s loudspeaker systems, delivering the features and performance demanded by today’s special-role aircraft operators. Eliminate cockpit noise by utilizing the front-mount auxiliary input to broadcast recorded messages from an MP3 player or smartphone—no more interference from live-mic broadcasting! 

LSC22 Loudspeaker Controller

Product Benefits


Meets or exceeds exacting environmental and performance standards.


Designed and manufactured with the flight crew and integrator in mind.


Designed and built to perform under the toughest conditions.


Dedicated troubleshooting, repair, and refurbishment services.


Optimal conversion of power to sound pressure

AEM’s LS600 loudspeakers provide optimal conversion of electrical power (watts) to sound pressure (SPL) due to the use of powerful speaker drivers and a new, robust mechanical design. The new speakers provide amplified sound power output from a smaller mechanical footprint and are DO-160G qualified.


Easily configure with cockpit audio, in-flight entertainment system, and more!

AEM's LSA100 Cabin PA Amplifier is a small, lightweight solution to your cabin communication needs. Easy to configure and install, we designed the LSA100 for new and re-fit applications. Easily configure cabin zones with six 20W outputs, each isolated and protected, featuring on/off control and status. The LSA100 amplifier is fully qualified to DO-160G and DO-214A and is certified to CAN-TSO-C139a requirements.



Your flexible, functional audio warning solution

Our advanced audio warning generator is capable of providing up to eight separate tones or voice warnings, via two fully isolated outputs. We addressed limitations common to aircraft audio systems by way of two isolated inputs, allowing existing system-warning audio to be summed internally with the AWG08 generated warnings. Certified to CAN-TSO-C139a, the AWG08 meets our customer’s high standards for top-quality avionics. Valuable customer feedback led to new features on this product, making the AWG08 a genuinely customizable solution for OEMs, technicians, and pilots alike.





A straight-forward cockpit upgrade for the B212, AB212, and Legacy B412

Grounded again by an out-of-date caution/warning panel? For the equivalent cost of a few hours of lost flying revenue, AEM’s MCP01 will keep you in the air and earning! Use of existing wiring and connections for drop-in replacement of your OEM unit makes the MCP01 a straight-forward upgrade to your cockpit.

Our MCP01 features high-reliability LED lighting, reduced weight, an optional integrated event recorder, and is tested and qualified to DO-160G. Refer to our product brochure for the complete list of certifications.