Controls up to 16 transceivers or receivers in any combination.

Building on decades of audio system design, development, and manufacturing experience, the AEM Digital Audio System is perfect for operators and integrators who need crystal clear, mission-ready digital audio from a reliable manufacturer with world-class support.

The P139HD was designed in consultation with Completion Centers, Technicians, Operators, and TFOs in the Law Enforcement and Air Medical Transport sectors. The result is the industry’s most capable, flexible, and practical digital audio system for special role aircraft.

G13115 Features

  • Controls up to 16 Transceivers or Receivers in any combination

  • Standard NVIS-compliant lighting

  • Full multicast and radio relay capability

  • Standard custom engraved buttons

  • Unused buttons may be used to control or trigger other mission equipment

  • Installation Connectors Included

  • Dimensions: H 2.99” x D 3.36” x W 5.77”

Mechanical Specs
Height 2.99"
Width 5.77"
Length 3.36"


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If you have a capability requirement that isn’t met by an existing system, AEM is open to new opportunities that meet the demands of both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. We work with pilots, integrators, and OEMs to deliver solutions for today’s avionics market.

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