The highest levels of quality, reliability, and service.

Team members in AEM's Electronics Department are certified IPC specialists trained in J-Standard-001, building our products to Class 2 specifications. They have completed a diploma program at a certified college or university and are familiar with schematics, assembly and testing procedures, and the various associated equipment.


AEM's manufacturing team members are proficient in:

  • Surface mount
  • Electronics and schematics
  • Metalwork fabrication
  • Faceplates and illuminated panels

Metal Millwork Combined.png

We deliver the highest levels of quality, reliability, and service meeting the needs of:

  • Customers with an avionics concept and design, who do not want the manufacturing overhead
  • Emerging companies with stem products
  • Companies looking to accelerate the go-to-market process

Illuminated Panels & Keyboards

Our experienced production team uses the latest design and manufacturing systems to meet your information display requirements. AEM’s investment in research and development, as well as our invention of proprietary technology, means we can provide you with the expertise to design, manufacture, test, and qualify integrated information panels such as:

  • Illuminated panels
  • Keyboards
  • Bezels
  • Integrated switch panels

With considerable experience in NVIS lighting and NVG-compatible products, the aviation industry acknowledges AEM as a reliable solution for everything from one-off builds to serial production orders. Our quick turn-around times and commitment to quality make AEM a proven resource for customers like:

  • Rogerson Kratos
  • Bell Helicopters
  • Airbus Space & Defence
  • Cascade Aerospace/IMP
  • Aviation Specialities Unlimited (ASU)

We work directly with aircraft OEMs, completion centers, and end-users providing customized panel and keyboard products to worldwide aerospace markets.

Looking for smart, simple avionics designs that perform well in challenging environments?

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