Panel-Mount Forest Service Radio

The MTP136D is a modern panel-mount radio for special-role and multi-mission platforms. Designed with the U.S. Forest Service and aerial firefighting operators in mind, the MTP136D is a Project 25 Phase 1 compliant VHF FM solution for digital and analog communication on all channels across the 136MHz to 174MHz frequency band.

The radio features a large NVIS-compatible screen displaying all channel and operational information, and was developed in consultation with tactical aerial firefighting agencies.

The MTP136D boasts a robust design to ensure high performance in demanding firefighting environments. The MTP136D is easily integrated for tactical systems, upgrades, and a plug-and-play replacement for existing legacy radios.

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  • A panel-mount transceiver with intuitive menu control and front-panel programming
  • Supports 40 zones and 5000 channels
  • Agile P25 capable guard receiver
  • Extended Transmit Duty Cycles for continuous operation
  • High (10W) & Low (1W) output power
  • User adjustable receive sensitivity, for adoption into complex RF signal spaces
  • Main and guard are multiplexed onto a single BNC antenna connection, requiring only one antenna
  • USB-C programming/cloning interface with consumer-grade USB Flash Drive
  • 12.5kHz channel bandwidths with 25kHz bandwidth capable
  • Customizable CTCSS/CDCSS Lists per Zone
  • Tested to TIA-603-E, TIA-102
  • DO-160G qualified

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical Specs
Height 3.0″ (max)
Width 5.75″ (max)
Length 7.51″ (max)
Weight 3.3 lbs (max)


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