AEM’s experienced engineering team use the latest design systems to ensure all your information display requirements are met.

Our approved manufacturing processes, skilled production staff, and quality systems have secured such projects as the design and manufacture of a control keyboard for the new autopilot in NASA’s fleet of T-38 Talon twin-engine supersonic jet trainers; all of the cockpit panels for the B212 and B412 in support of customer NVG programs; and modifications to panels in the C-130 series aircraft.

“It was a pleasure working with the American Systems engineering staff,” says Luc Schingh, Sales/Avionics Lighting Specialist at AEM. “It is also pretty cool to be able to say we have put some of our equipment into NASA’s aircraft.”

Our investment in research and development, as well as our invention of proprietary technology, means AEM can provide you with the expertise to design, manufacture, test, and qualify integrated information panels such as:

  • Illuminated panels
  • Keyboards
  • Bezels
  • Integrated switch panels

With considerable experience in NVIS lighting and NVG-compatible products, the aviation industry acknowledges AEM as a reliable solution for everything from one-off builds to serial production orders. Our quick turn-around times and commitment to quality make AEM a proven resource for customers like:

  • Rogerson Kratos
  • Bell Helicopters
  • Airbus Space & Defence
  • Cascade Aerospace/IMP
  • Aviation Specialities Unlimited (ASU)

We work directly with aircraft OEMs, completion centers, and the end-user providing customized panel and keyboard products to worldwide aerospace markets. We design and manufacture our integrated information display products to meet the following standards:

  • SAE-AS7788
  • MIL-STD-3009
  • DO-275

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If you have a capability requirement that isn’t met by an existing system, AEM is open to new opportunities that meet the demands of both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. We work with flight crew, integrators, and OEMs to deliver solutions for today’s avionics market.

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