Field-programmable and versatile

Adaptable features make AEM’s audio warning generator an asset to both pilot and integrator. A USB input as well as intuitive application software make the AWG08 field-programmable and versatile for a variety of applications and installations. We addressed limitations common to aircraft audio systems by way of two isolated inputs, allowing existing system-warning audio to be summed internally with the AWG08 generated warnings.

Certified to CAN-TSO-C139a, the AWG08 meets your high standards for top-quality avionics.

AWG08 Features

  • Industry-leading with eight 90-second slots
  • Qualified to DO-160G and DO-214A
  • CAN-TSO-C139a 
  • Field-programmable via USB input and intuitive application software
  • Priority warning management
  • Dual, isolated audio outputs
  • Dual, configurable audio inputs
Mechanical Specs
Height 1.51"
Width 3.51"
Length 4.01"
Weight 0.7 lb



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